We Have Some Healing to Do


Like all good GenXers, Dennis wants to take you back to the 1990s!  In this episode, Dennis recounts an experience he witnessed in a church basement nearly 30 years ago that is a reminder of how people with differing views still shared common ground. They shared a common faith that was able to hold them together even when they disagreed.  What has happened in our culture that you can’t find that kind of unity anymore?  Dennis explores how religion has become swallowed up by politics and how we have made politics an idol, not unlike what happened at a certain political conference in Florida where the likeness of a certain former president covered in gold was worshipped.., like an idol.

Read a written version of this article on Medium.

Questions? Send an email: denminn@gmail.com  Now, you can also check out our website, politecompanypod.org!

Trust, Politics, and Meaning by Martin Gurri

Pastoring A Purple Church by Tom Gjelten

The Christian Right Is Helping Drive Liberals Away From Religion (Five Thirty-Eight) by Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux and Daniel Cox

Reimagining Church in a Post-Pandemic Politically Divided World– By Mark Slaughter

Do Politics Belong In Church? Christian Century

Let Us Be Church by Frederick Schmidt

Christianity Will Have Power (New York Times) by Elizabeth Dias



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