Who Mourns for the GOP?


Why should we care about the Republican Party when it’s nothing more than a collection of racists and conspiracy mongers?  A fair number of Never Trumpers see the party as something that is detested and many think it is now time to look to the Democrats. People associated with the Bulwark are starting to believe that maybe it’s time for former Republicans to become the conservative wing of the Democrats or at the very least work more closely with President Biden. What if leaving the party and movement might make one feel well but the decision is bad for democracy? What if democracies thrive only when there are strong conservative parties dedicated to the experiment in freedom?In this episode, Dennis talks about the importance of conservative parties in democracies and why it there needs to be a push to either reform the party or create a new center-right party for the sake of American democracy.

Articles of note:

Who Mourns for the GOP by Dennis Sanders

Why liberal democracy only dies when conservatives help by Matt O’Brien

“The central weakness of our political system right now is the Republican Party” by Sean Illing

Trump Is Gone, but Democracy Is in Trouble by Yascha Mounk

How to Transcend Trump’s Hold Over the GOP by Jerry Taylor and Samuel Hammond

Questions? Send an email to denminn@gmail.com or go to the website: politecompanypod.org


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