Episode 56: Michael Kruse on What Christians Don‘t Get About Economics and Racism


If you know anything about economics, it has to be the concept of scarcity.  This is the gap between a limited resource and unlimited wants.  Scarcity means making decisions on how to best allocate these resources efficiently so that as many people benefit as possible.  That’s what scarcity means. It’s econ 101.  But when I got to seminary and afterwards, I head pastors say over and over again that scarcity was bad.  God is a God of abundance, they would say.  Scarcity was about greed and not sharing resources with others.  I never understood where pastors were getting this.  I knew about this basic fact of economics, why were they having problems figuring this out?  Over time I realized this sort of thinking was pretty standard throughout mainline Protestantism. 

Today, Micahel and I talk about economics, business and the mainline Protestant church.  We also talk about how evangelicals have such a hard time understanding structural racism. 

Economic Fallacies Christians Believe

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