Episode 62: The Scandal of Jesus and Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter.  Those three words have launched a million arguments over the last 8 years or so.  What began as a hashtag in the wake of the killing of young black men by the police has become a phrase that has gone global and all the while it has been controversial.  Some think it is exclusive and even racist because they think it only focuses on black people.  Others like the phrase and take it on without asking questions.

Methodist Pastor Drew McIntrye wanted to look at black lives matter from a theological standpoint.  What does it mean for followers of Jesus to say this phrase?  Can followers of Jesus say this phrase?  The answer is an emphatic yes.  We will talk about what blacks live matters means theologically and what it means for African Americans to hear the church say black lives matter.

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Show Notes: 

The Scandal of Particularity, Black Lives, and Jesus by Drew McIntyre

Drew’s Website

The God & Whiskey Podcast- Drew and Evan Rohrs-Dodge

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