Episode 63: Omicron NOT Omnicron


Just when we thought it was safe to get back in the water.  As many of us got our booster shots for COVID-19, we started to think that maybe, just maybe, this pandemic was at an end.  Then on Thanksgiving Day, we started hearing news from South Africa that yet another variant was out there.  Doctors and scientists in South Africa were among the first to identify this new variant, which ultimately was deemed omicron.  Right now it looks like omicron is highly contagious but seems to give people a mild illness if they are vaccinated.

Will it stay that way? Do we have to put our masks back on?  Is this going to be Delta the sequel?  

When I have questions about the coronavirus, I want to go to Michael Siegel.  Michael is an astrophysicist, with a vast knowledge of all things scientific. He is also a fellow writer at Ordinary Times. I spoke to him about what’s happing with the coronavirus.

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Show Notes: 

Michael Siegel’s YouTube Channel

Michael at Ordinary Times (some great articles on COVID)


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