Liz Cheney: The Iron Lady What happens when the last person of integrity is pushed out of the GOP?  As Rep. Liz Cheney’s leadership position hangs in the balance, we are about to find out. The GOP is at a turning point. History is watching us. By Liz Cheney GOP eyes voter fraud conspiracy theorist to replace Liz Cheney... Continue Reading →

George Floyd’s Life Matters Dennis reflects on the guilty verdict of former Minneapolis police Derek Chauvin.  Show notes:The complicated relief of the Chauvin verdict (Vox)Why Chauvin’s conviction matters (Vox)Chauvin’s Conviction Is the Exception That Proves the Rule (The Atlantic)'It upsets me': Black man reacts to White friend's traffic stop (CNN)The Trial of Derek Chauvin- Advisory Opinions PodcastAnti-Anti-Chauvinism (The Bulwark) A 50-year Downward Spiral (Medium)... Continue Reading →

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